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BTL Activities

We, at EventM Event Management Companies in Delhi staunchly believe that irrespective of the medium you advertise on. The point of all brand communication towards consumers is to be able to create stories. Conversations that your targeted audience would want to engage in. Trust us when we say, today, no brand leaves a single stone unturned to come up with innovative ideas and ways of connecting with their consumers directly. We offer BTL Activities (Below the Line) Brand Promotions as well as Communications that uses great yet less expensive conventional methods of advertising.

We, at EventM Event Management Companies in Delhi, make sure to focus directly on the audience and the targeted product. In this era of competition, BTL activities have made an exclusive place so as to engage & communicate with their audience personally. Gone are the days when BTL activities were considered to be an add-on to mass media activities. With the fragmentation of media space increasingly rapidly, communicating by “contacting” only isn’t enough anymore.

BTL Activities key

The key is to be able to connect with your audience. With competition increasing fiercely and very little differentiation in products, the main target is just not to create awareness, but, build a context. Our BTL activities let you go a step forward in terms of brand building. Allows you to “tangibility” not just your product/service but the brand itself for your consumers. Here, you can customize your communication not just by the “target group” but also on an individual level.

By way of direct mailers, e-mailers, brochures, what you want to communicate can be specific to every particular user. To set itself apart from all competition in the market, it is essential for a brand to go beyond the usual techniques. Engage your customer meaningfully and frequently. The fact that BTL has the potential to give your consumers a more physical touch and feel experience to your brand. You are able to create stronger conversions and develop a more long-term relationship with your target.

BTL activities

lets you target your consumers base through multiple touch points – be it at the point of sale. When your consumers are at home via direct email. While they are shopping by way of in-store promotions or by simply handing out brand/product information for their better decision making. Usually in your favor Event Management Companies in Delhi. Establishing a brand presence at multiple touch points combined with an innovative tone of communication lets you leave a deep-seated impact on your customer’s mind. Customized results in positive brand perception and also eventually, sales.

Below the line advertising activities are capable of making your consumers feel important and differentiated from the rest. And all this is achieved via customized and specially crafted messaging and execution. Adept’s unique approach to planning BTL activities. Coupled with breakthrough creative ideas for a brand allows them to find ways to fill the gap that exists between strategic and tactical goals. What makes BTL as a medium efficient is the technique of using BTL to contribute to building your brand. Not just as a one-off a tactical campaign.

***Any additional element as per the client requirements.

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